Stephen Colbert And Trevor Noah Dig Into President Trump On Puerto Rican Deaths


Dig Into President Trump On Puerto Rican Deaths

President Donald Trump’s earlier remarks challenging one report’s estimate on Puerto Rico deaths from Hurricane Maria were taken to task by the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah.

Trump had earlier said the reported death tolls from the storm that devastated Puerto Rico were exaggerated, and included older people and others who died. The upshot was the president claimed the numbers were concocted merely to make him look bad.

Colbert read Trump’s earlier tweet on Puerto Rico in a sing-song voice, and then cited a George Washington University study that claimed 2,975 people died in the months after the storm hit. The study was based on a statistical model that subtracted the number of people who, in theory, should have died over the same time period as Hurricane Maria from the number of people who actually died during that time. The counts were higher than all but one previous estimate.

Colbert claimed that bad news of the GW study was pushed off the front pages by other Trump bad news.

Noah also cited the report, but did a take on a new “sh***storm Trump,” and had mock stand-ups from various weatherpeople and newspeople, who treated the President as though he were a storm threatening the US.


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